My name is Sam I am in my late twenties and yes, still calling myself a ‘young mum’. Born, raised and still living in London with my partner and daughter. 

J and I have been together for four years and we are not married or looking to get married. Minnie is our pride and joy and she is 17 months old going on 17 years!

We both work full-time and juggle childcare, holiday entitlement and weekends the best we can.

Our household is a bi lingual, noisy, chaotic, mess, most of the time and we love it!

I love tea, chocolate and wine; usually in that order, not everyday, unfortunately.

I enjoy reading and am passionate about women’s rights and young people. My day job involves helping homeless people and I have a degree from Warwick Uni.

I am new to blogging, it’s something I have thought about for a while but have only just given myself the kick up the bum required to get going.

If you enjoy what you read please feel free to comment, share, contact me etc etc.


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