Settling In 

We have been so lucky that we haven’t had to put Minnie into nursery until January this year. She started off one full day a week which meant that I still got to spend one whole day with her myself. She settled in before Christmas and I thought it was a dream come true because she absolutely loved it. She would run in without a backward glance. 

But there is a huge BUT! About 3 weeks in this all changed. Minnie got upset as soon as she realised she was being left she got quite upset. Quite upset then turned into uncontrollable and week 4 ended with the nursery asking us to collect her early. 
I know Iv mentioned the guilt I feel as a parent before but leaving my child at nursery while she sobs her heart out to go to work is heart wrenching and I’m paying for the privilege. 

I know this is something parents up and down the country experience everyday and I also know that eventually she will get used to it, but it is still painful! 
She now attends two mornings and her first week was a success. I’m told that the extra time there will help her settle, only time will tell! 



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