Minnie has this not so cute new habit, if she’s in a public place like a lift with people she doesn’t know she covers her eyes with her hands so they cant see her (obviously).

I thought this was quite funny and a phase that would blow over, she can be shy at times.

However we recently bumped into our parish priest in the street and he stopped for a chat. Minnie was in the buggy and immediately put her hands over her eyes when he tried to talk to her. I thought after a few minutes she would get bored and want some attention. She didn’t.

The full ten or fifteen minutes we were chatting for, she sat covering her face the whole time, despite our attempts to get her to speak or at least look at us.

Eventually we gave up and walked in opposite directions, to which Minnie removed and hands and gave a big Oooohhh of disappointment, typical!

I was left slightly embarrassed 🙂



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