Viva Colombia!

bridge full length

On Sunday we attended Colombia Day which was held as part of the London Riverside Festival on the South Bank of the Thames by City Hall.

J was born in Colombia and I believe it is really important that Minnie learns the language and culture. She is immersed in it daily as J is always playing south American music at home and has lots of south American friends.

The day was organised to coincide with the Colombian Tall Ship ARC Gloria visiting London. To mark the visit the ship sailed down the Thames and through Tower Bridge. Complete with crew members standing on the masts all the way up.

We attended with J and his mum, my mum and friends. It was a very patriotic moment for all the Colombians who were there. Their national anthem played and the Colombian colours were all over the boat. It really was a sight to see and I was so glad that we took the opportunity and I can tell Minnie all about it when she gets older.

The whole area was filled with stalls selling all sorts, food and music. Fun was had by all.



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