Going Commando 

In all areas of my life I like to be prepared. Anything that saves a bit of time (and stress) is worthwhile in my eyes. 

Minnie attends swimming lessons on a Wednesday morning. These have varied in success but she enjoys them, usually. 

Today I was bit delayed in packing our bags but wore my swimsuit under my clothes to save a bit of time when we arrived. I can’t do the same for Minnie, as anyone who has ever used a swimming nappy before knows, they only last five minutes!   

On leaving the pool it dawned on me that all those years of my mum telling me ‘not to forget my undies’ if I was wearing my swimsuit under my clothes, had not paid off. I had forgotten mine!! I didn’t know whether to laugh of cry. 

Nonetheless I relished the feeling of freedom as I walked home very commando. Thanks fully I had worn jeans and a loose cardi to swimming. 

Next week we’ll leave earlier!!

Love a very red faced and free felling Sam. 



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