Strawberries and Sunburn

The sunburn I refer to thankfully only effected me, I managed to get factor 50 on Minnie but forgot myself and definitely underestimated the UK sunshine! School girl error, aloe vera gel is my new best friend!

We visited Garsons Farm in Esher at the weekend. ‘We’ being lots of my family members, I think there was about 20 of us in total.

The kids loved picking and tasting the strawberries and it was educational for the bigger kids to see how they’re grown. Unfortunately it was only strawberries we could pick but we are definitely planning another trip for later in the summer when the other fruit and veg will be open too.


It brought back lots of happy memories for me and my cousins as we used to go fruit picking with our nan when we were little. It was nice to keep a tradition going with our children. It is important to me that Minnie has a relationship with my cousins and their children because they are more like siblings to me, we were all grew up so closely.

cousin love strawberry

The rest of the afternoon was spent basking in the sunshine (getting burnt in my case) on the green with a picnic and lots of activities. Minnie spent most of the afternoon running around after her older cousins who were trying to have a seriously competitive game of football.

It was such a good day and spending it with so many family members made such a difference. For me, those are the days that should be cherished.

A very sentimental note to end on.



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