The Terrible Twos……

I don’t quite know what ‘the terrible twos’ involves, having never experienced it first hand before. But what I do know is, that if it refers to complete disobedience from a child, being laughed at when you tell them no, repeatedly doing things they know they are not allowed to do and tantrums whenever they feel like it……then the terrible twos have struck and they came from nowhere!

 J and I have been quite gobsmacked by Minnie’s behaviour lately, for example I literally could not believe my eyes when she tried to drag our bedroom TV off the wall by the power cable and frantically continued doing it while grinning and laughing while J tells her no and heads towards her to move her away. Time out has then led to hysterical crying and as soon as she’s allowed back in the room she immediately tries to do exactly the same thing!

She is still as inquisitive as ever and resourceful, if Minnie struggles to do something she will FIND a way. This usually involves her not being able to reach or climb to get something that she wants, and probably isn’t allowed. She has her trusty frog stool for these scenarios and no matter what it is she needs to climb she will find her stool and carry it to the required place! In these situations I have to stop myself from laughing at how her little mind works, however I dread what might be coming if we don’t nip this bad behaviour in the bud.

I don’t even know where to begin with punishment and naughty steps so any tips would be much appreciated! Meanwhile me and J will be doing lots of time outs, eye rolling and wine drinking (the latter being mainly me)!!



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