Holidaying in Hindsight

messy pup I attempted a substantial blog post while still on my travels but if seems the wifi in our hotel wasn’t playing ball so rather than delete my last post I thought I would elaborate here.

We are back to reality and it hurts *sobs*. Back to work and the tedious routine having had the bank holiday routine to adjust.

Our holiday was fab, we stayed at a Thomson Family Resort which catered for a child’s every need.

Minnie spent her days, eating, swimming and taking full advantage of all the playgrounds and kids rooms/toys which were available.


The facilities for babies were fantastic, there was even a Baby Lounge by the pool which microwave, steriliser, changing station and cot. It was so convenient rather than having to go all the way back up to the room.

She would dance at the Little Pups club every evening and absolutely loved it.

I don’t want to jinx myself for future holidays but I didn’t know holidaying with kids could be so stress-free and value for money!

That was until are journey home…..the dreaded happened….Minnie had a full blown tantrum on the plane before we had even taken off!

I was sat separately from J because there were no available seats and just as we starting taxiing Minnie realised that he was sitting separately a few rows in front begun wailing for her ‘mum mum mum’ she’s been calling J mum for a few months now with the occasional Daddy thrown in to show us she does actually know what he should be called!

She screamed and got herself in a right state while I attempted to pacify her and wanted the ground to swallow me! Eventually she wore herself out, it was 2am, passing out on my lap for the full 4hours.

I didn’t know how uncomfortable an already cramped plane seat could be with a passed out 19 month old on your lap! I was grateful when we landed and I could use my legs again.

But all I all it was a fantastic two weeks of quality time, I am eager to book the next one!




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