Protesting for longer weekends!!

Monday mornings are tough, I think most people would agree. But Monday mornings when the weekend feels like it last only five minutes are the worst.

I finished work early and had a baby free night on Friday, call me ungrateful but I could do with another weekend!

I can only put this down to the lack of down time over the weekend. Saturday I was up early trying to squeeze some exercise in, albeit with a slightly sore head from too many margaritas! Followed by watching J play football and a friend’s birthday BBQ. Minnie fell asleep on our way home so she was full of beans all evening.

Sunday was a family filled day full of cooking, Colombian arepas and a very British fry up for breakfast, roast dinner for lunch and a lasagne prepped for dinner today.

I wouldn’t change any of the above, apart from maybe the sore head, I just wish I had managed to nap at some point.

I love cooking and I love having a house full of people, especially when it includes my cousins who were paying a visit from Belfast.

Before I knew it my alarm was going off this morning at 6am and I was trying to hide under the duvet.


I am now officially counting down the days until our family holiday. Two weeks in the sun…bliss.

My post-boxercise Monday evening is definitely going to include an early night, I just hope that Minnie is in the same mood!!



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