When the sun shines on London

ice creamI was so pleased that my day off yesterday coincided with the best weather of the week; this rarely happens!

Minnie and I embraced the sunshine on a budget because we have a holiday fast approaching.

We went to meet J for a picnic lunch in the park near his work and let Minnie run wild.

J’s not one for cold food; it never occurred to me that this practice might be British thing? If we were at home he’d want the sausage rolls warmed up before he can snack on them! Nevertheless we enjoyed our cold sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and humus in the lovely warm sun….I felt like I was abroad. Obviously reality kicked back in when J had to return to work so after Minnie had a little nap we were off to meet her Godmother in a different park to enjoy playing football and eating ice cream.

We are lucky to have a few lovely parks near us that weren’t too busy given that some of the schools have gone back following the Easter holidays.

Minnie is happy as long as she can run around so summer months are pretty easy entertainment. Taking Minnie out, even once a week can work out so expensive sometimes.

Lots of walking for me which can never be a bad thing when I am preparing to wear a bikini and lots of fun in the sun. Perfect Wednesday and Minnie slept like a log.

xx S xx


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