When Minnie went Missing….for 10 seconds

The fear when you lose sight of you child in a public place is indescribable.

Yesterday was day off work with Minnie, part of the day was spent shopping for holiday clothes.

Shopping is not one of Minnie’s favourite past times so by the second shop she was itching to get out of the buggy and eventually I gave in.

We were in Primark which is quite a large shop and she was walking around clothes stands which was fine while I could keep an eye on her but then she disappeared.

I panicked! I called out to her and looked for her but couldn’t see her at all.

I headed towards the shop doorway where the security guard must have seen the fear in my eyes and asked me what was wrong. I told him I couldnt find my daughter and he started looking with me. In the same instant Minnie came running towards us both.

Ahh the relief, I could of kissed her!

The whole incident probably lasted about 10 seconds but it felt a lot longer.

The security guard came over to speak to Minnie and distract her while I strapped her back in her buggy and bribed her to stay there with raisins.

Needless to say I will not be giving in to Minnie quite so easily next time especially when I don’t have her reigns to hand.

xx S xx 



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