Momentous First Blog…A Day in the Life…

My blog, like my life for the last 17 months and probably the 9 months I was aware of my pregnancy will revolve around my daughter, Minnie. I am aware that there are times I feel like I am the only parent in the world who is dealing with food throwing or a point blank refusal to eat, but then I read other blogs and smile to myself that these things are more normal than I first thought. This is one of the many reasons I wanted to start this blog. Juggling full time work and looking after Minnie is no easy feat, as I am sure parents everywhere know. For us a daily routine consists of me leave the house in the morning before she has woken up, J drops her off before he starts work and I return once they are both back home. Luckily this means I am home for dinner, bath, In the Night Garden, story and bed….eventually! When I first started back at work Minnie was 9 months old and sometimes she would already be in bed when I got home so I could go almost 48 hours without seeing her awake. On those days I felt like I was a new mum again battling hormones and could quite easily cry, I missed her so much. I think if I had continued like this I would definitely have reconsidered working full time, what’s the point if there is no balance? Now when I return home it is rarely to a sleeping baby; sometimes I come home to the sounds of salsa playing in my house and Minnie and her dad dancing around the living room and other days she’s already in her high chair chomping on dinner. No two days are the same. I have grabbed the ‘flexible working’ policy my employer provides with both hands, so I get to spend Wednesdays at home with Minnie while Daddy goes to work and weekends are family time. xx S xx


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