Flying High or Stressed…

Minnie and I took our first flight, alone, recently.

It wasn’t a long flight just a domestic flight to Belfast to visit family for a long weekend. I thought, oh its only a couple of hours we will be fine and raring to go by the time we get there.

I forgot how tiring looking after Minnie can be without the added stress of passing through airport security, entertaining her in the airport, as well as the boarding ‘experience’ and the flight itself.
In fairness to Heathrow Terminal 5, the staff were really helpful at security, even offering to hold Minnie while I put my shoes through the x-ray machine; which Minnie obliged because she was so dazed by all the people and commotion everywhere.

The airport itself was busy busy busy and pushing a buggy with a holdall over your back isn’t the easiest but there was a soft play area which entertained Minnie for the short time we needed to wait for the gate to open.
Although having to keep one eye on our luggage while supervising her alone was…..difficult.

I am not a very trusting person you see; I do believe that if you leave things unattended they will get stolen. Just like if you leave anything valuable visible in your car, you’re likely to have your window smashed by someone who wants to steal said valuables. I grew up in London; it’s ingrained into me.

BA staff were also helpful allowing us to go through the gates first to board although by the time I had put the buggy down and got her towards the plane most of the other passengers had rushed past to get to their seats. It was almost an achievement that we reached our seat having manoeuvred a 17 month old and a holdall through the planes tiny aisle.

I relaxed slightly when two friendly ladies sat next to us but still found myself apologising profusely for every disturbing movement Minnie made. Am I the only one who does this? I wonder if sometimes I am a bit too polite, worried that I look like a bad parent if my daughter is disturbing the peace.

Small, repetitive movements such as kicking her legs into the chair in front, would not usually bother me one bit and yet when faced with enclosed spaces and a plane full of strangers, manage to fill me with complete panic! What will people think??!!

We spent most of the short flight opening and closing the window cover, watching the Mickey Mouse hot dog song on repeat and eating snacks, Minnie did not want to nap it was all far too exciting. We were in Belfast in no time and the airport fairies had conveniently left the pushchair as near to the plane as they could.

The sense of achievement that we had arrived in one piece was fantastic!



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