Settling In 

We have been so lucky that we haven’t had to put Minnie into nursery until January this year. She started off one full day a week which meant that I still got to spend one whole day with her myself. She settled in before Christmas and I thought it was a dream come true because she absolutely loved it. She would run in without a backward glance. 

But there is a huge BUT! About 3 weeks in this all changed. Minnie got upset as soon as she realised she was being left she got quite upset. Quite upset then turned into uncontrollable and week 4 ended with the nursery asking us to collect her early. 
I know Iv mentioned the guilt I feel as a parent before but leaving my child at nursery while she sobs her heart out to go to work is heart wrenching and I’m paying for the privilege. 

I know this is something parents up and down the country experience everyday and I also know that eventually she will get used to it, but it is still painful! 
She now attends two mornings and her first week was a success. I’m told that the extra time there will help her settle, only time will tell! 



Curls and Chaos a year on

imageI started the blog last year and probably underestimated the commitment it would take to keep it up. As you can see from posts it dwindled at the end of the year because life took over and I was knee deep in terrible twos to think of something witty to write about my darling daughter.

A lot has happened in that time.
It’s 2016 and she has started at nursery!

  • Watch this space for updates on how that’s gone!


Minnie has this not so cute new habit, if she’s in a public place like a lift with people she doesn’t know she covers her eyes with her hands so they cant see her (obviously).

I thought this was quite funny and a phase that would blow over, she can be shy at times.

However we recently bumped into our parish priest in the street and he stopped for a chat. Minnie was in the buggy and immediately put her hands over her eyes when he tried to talk to her. I thought after a few minutes she would get bored and want some attention. She didn’t.

The full ten or fifteen minutes we were chatting for, she sat covering her face the whole time, despite our attempts to get her to speak or at least look at us.

Eventually we gave up and walked in opposite directions, to which Minnie removed and hands and gave a big Oooohhh of disappointment, typical!

I was left slightly embarrassed 🙂


Viva Colombia!

bridge full length

On Sunday we attended Colombia Day which was held as part of the London Riverside Festival on the South Bank of the Thames by City Hall.

J was born in Colombia and I believe it is really important that Minnie learns the language and culture. She is immersed in it daily as J is always playing south American music at home and has lots of south American friends.

The day was organised to coincide with the Colombian Tall Ship ARC Gloria visiting London. To mark the visit the ship sailed down the Thames and through Tower Bridge. Complete with crew members standing on the masts all the way up.

We attended with J and his mum, my mum and friends. It was a very patriotic moment for all the Colombians who were there. Their national anthem played and the Colombian colours were all over the boat. It really was a sight to see and I was so glad that we took the opportunity and I can tell Minnie all about it when she gets older.

The whole area was filled with stalls selling all sorts, food and music. Fun was had by all.


We really are back this time

I don’t know whether I can put my lack of blogging down to writer block, lack of motivation or just being busy, whatever it is I haven’t posted for some time and that’s a shame.

It’s not that I haven’t had motivation for posts, there is never a dull moment with my daughter, I just haven’t put pen to paper, or fingers to keys?

I bumped into a friend at the weekend who told me how much she enjoyed ready my blog, as a mum of two she said she could relate to so many of my posts and others were just entertaining. This made me smile and reminded me why I wanted to start the blog in the first place.

My life is still one whirlwind of working and parenting Minnie but everyday throws up new and sometimes stressful obstacles. I am so thankful that I have a healthy cheeky daughter.

We are 1 month away from Minnie’s second birthday. I have been worrying for months that her speech may not be developing as quickly as it should but over the last fortnight or so she has really found her voice.

Noise has never been an issue but now we have actual words!

Minnie’s favourite words are: no, no, not, mamma, daddy, up and down. She knows what she wants.

Every day she is saying more words and mimicking us and even trying the odd word in Spanish which fills me all the more hope that she will be speaking ‘properly’ very very soon.

Dusting off the cobwebs

So today I am dusting the cobwebs off the blog, it has definitely been a while.

I do apologise to anyone who has been following the blog, I think I lost my motivation for a bit, not just for blogging but everything that requires additional energy!

I’ve been eating, sleeping, working and caring for Minnie a bit on auto pilot.

Don’t get me wrong things have been as eventful as ever but I haven’t really had the itch to write about everything and anything.

But we are back and on I am mission to not neglect my beloved Curls and Chaos.


Going Commando 

In all areas of my life I like to be prepared. Anything that saves a bit of time (and stress) is worthwhile in my eyes. 

Minnie attends swimming lessons on a Wednesday morning. These have varied in success but she enjoys them, usually. 

Today I was bit delayed in packing our bags but wore my swimsuit under my clothes to save a bit of time when we arrived. I can’t do the same for Minnie, as anyone who has ever used a swimming nappy before knows, they only last five minutes!   

On leaving the pool it dawned on me that all those years of my mum telling me ‘not to forget my undies’ if I was wearing my swimsuit under my clothes, had not paid off. I had forgotten mine!! I didn’t know whether to laugh of cry. 

Nonetheless I relished the feeling of freedom as I walked home very commando. Thanks fully I had worn jeans and a loose cardi to swimming. 

Next week we’ll leave earlier!!

Love a very red faced and free felling Sam. 


Strawberries and Sunburn

The sunburn I refer to thankfully only effected me, I managed to get factor 50 on Minnie but forgot myself and definitely underestimated the UK sunshine! School girl error, aloe vera gel is my new best friend!

We visited Garsons Farm in Esher at the weekend. ‘We’ being lots of my family members, I think there was about 20 of us in total.

The kids loved picking and tasting the strawberries and it was educational for the bigger kids to see how they’re grown. Unfortunately it was only strawberries we could pick but we are definitely planning another trip for later in the summer when the other fruit and veg will be open too.


It brought back lots of happy memories for me and my cousins as we used to go fruit picking with our nan when we were little. It was nice to keep a tradition going with our children. It is important to me that Minnie has a relationship with my cousins and their children because they are more like siblings to me, we were all grew up so closely.

cousin love strawberry

The rest of the afternoon was spent basking in the sunshine (getting burnt in my case) on the green with a picnic and lots of activities. Minnie spent most of the afternoon running around after her older cousins who were trying to have a seriously competitive game of football.

It was such a good day and spending it with so many family members made such a difference. For me, those are the days that should be cherished.

A very sentimental note to end on.


The Terrible Twos……

I don’t quite know what ‘the terrible twos’ involves, having never experienced it first hand before. But what I do know is, that if it refers to complete disobedience from a child, being laughed at when you tell them no, repeatedly doing things they know they are not allowed to do and tantrums whenever they feel like it……then the terrible twos have struck and they came from nowhere!

 J and I have been quite gobsmacked by Minnie’s behaviour lately, for example I literally could not believe my eyes when she tried to drag our bedroom TV off the wall by the power cable and frantically continued doing it while grinning and laughing while J tells her no and heads towards her to move her away. Time out has then led to hysterical crying and as soon as she’s allowed back in the room she immediately tries to do exactly the same thing!

She is still as inquisitive as ever and resourceful, if Minnie struggles to do something she will FIND a way. This usually involves her not being able to reach or climb to get something that she wants, and probably isn’t allowed. She has her trusty frog stool for these scenarios and no matter what it is she needs to climb she will find her stool and carry it to the required place! In these situations I have to stop myself from laughing at how her little mind works, however I dread what might be coming if we don’t nip this bad behaviour in the bud.

I don’t even know where to begin with punishment and naughty steps so any tips would be much appreciated! Meanwhile me and J will be doing lots of time outs, eye rolling and wine drinking (the latter being mainly me)!!